Questions & Answers

How can I install STANDI  in my vehicle?

There is no installation involved, Just slide STANDI into the CD slot and... Just Stand It !



Does STANDI  affect CD player operation?

STANDI is designed so that it is not touching any crucial part of the CD player mechanism.
Therefore, we never face any CD player operation problems.
However you must take STANDI out-of the CD slot before inserting or ejecting a CD.

Does STANDI fit all cellphone models?

Yes. STANDI fits all kinds of cellphone models and most CD players.

In some car models the CD player is hidden so it is impossible to use our system.


Does STANDI fit a GPS device?

Yes. By using the expanding arm kit STANDI can fit most GPS devices.


Does STANDI fit a Tablet size device?

Yes. STANDI fits Tablets up to 8" and palm size electronic devices (up to 315 g).



How can I stabilize STANDI in the CD slot?

In most CD players STANDI fits into the CD slot in a perfect way.
However, in case you need to stabilize STANDI  use the little tongues provided with the product.

Please follow the assembling chart printed on the back side of the product flyer.

How can I assemble STANDI?

STANDI is very easy and simple to assemble.
Assembly instructions are provided in the product's flyer.